Foot Spas and Large Bellies Don’t Mix

foot spa poster

Dear Diary, I tried to pamper myself last night with one of those foot spas.  I really thought I was doing a good thing for myself and my feet. After all, they carry a large amount of weight during the day.

So why then after I did all my ‘girl scout’ type  of preparation of bringing extra towels, having a comfy chair, placing the spa on a surface that could get wet, bringing Epsom salt and of course my smart phone to keep me company did I find out that foot spas and big bellies don’t mix?

I put in the water, turned on the heat, the vibrator and the bubbles. I sat in my comfy big girl folding chair to relax. I placed my feet slowly into the water and leaned back to enjoy.

Why Oh Why did I think I could lean over and splash water up on the still dry portion of my legs? What made me think my belly would allow that?

The last thing I can remember is that everything started happening at once – the chair tipping forward as I leaned forward,  I tried to take one very wet foot out of the spa to balance me but slipped instead and the spa decided to tilt and spill even more of my warm salty water all over the kitchen floor. Is anyone looking? Whew, no… but I still have a mess on my hands.

Thank goodness for the plethora of towels I brought.

I gave up trying to do what the smaller in size might find a no-brainer and just sat like a ‘good girl’ in my chair for the remaining time. It wasn’t that relaxing because now I was wondering where the next tidal wave was coming from. Will I ever do this again? Not without a helmet or a snorkel.


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